• Bad Boys Bring Heaven

    She’s the inconvenience he never saw coming . . .

    and the one he would kill for


    Damien Black. American royalty. Gorgeous asshole. Shameless rake.

    Also . . . my new boss.

    One night of mistakes and he’s running to my rescue like the prince on a white horse.

    But a liar is no damsel.

    There’s no escaping Rosehill’s bad boy when fate keeps pushing you together.

    But if the souls of the foul are doomed, why does every night feel like heaven?


    What do you do when a pretty little thing walks through the doors of your exclusive nightclub?

    You take a front row seat to the show.

    Ivy Thanos. Brilliant dancer. Dangerous vixen. Dark enigma.

    Breaking all my rules, she’s my personal hell. I would rather burn than let her go.

    How do you fight for love when the whole world is against you and everything you know turns out to be a lie?

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  • Good Girls Go To Hell

    She’s his enemy’s daughter . . .

    and the love he left behind


    Lucifer Visconti. My ghost. My knight. My captor.

    I was the mafia princess in a secluded castle. He was the help.

    A disreputable friendship turned into forbidden romance.

    I thought he died with my family eight years ago until I got delivered to his
    doorstep. Cold, stoic, and demanding, this Lucifer is nothing like the man I knew. Locked behind the walls of his Manhattan castle, I find a new version of myself.

    We might not have a second chance at love, but we could make the most out of our time left together.

    Stella Morelli. My friend. My enemy. My redemption.

    Combined we have more demons than hell.

    Once upon a time I used to climb the vines to her terrace and protect her from the world. Now I’m her jailor, the man on top of the family who ruined hers.

    I was given an ultimatum—hand her over or kill her.

    No one touches my princess.

    The five most dangerous families in New York, including mine, are knocking on my door. The promises I’ve made are looming over me and the threat of war is whispered in the corners of the room.

    Love, betrayal, or death. Which one is it going to be?

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The Author

Leah K Plamm has a Master's degree in Business and Entrepreneurship
which comes in handy with her current professions—romance books writer and
social media influencer (both of which give her mother a heart attack).

Her books contain a mix of contemporary, dark, suspenseful elements with a sense of humor, and you can always count on her to bring the spicy.

She’s an avid reader, a passionate Swiftie, and she was a contestant on the Bulgarian version of The Bachelor.

Most often you’ll find her travelling the world, shooting books content and lifestyle vlogs, or playing with her dogs.

Find her on social media