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Bad Boys Bring Heaven (English)

Bad Boys Bring Heaven (English)

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Damien Black. American royalty. Gorgeous asshole. Shameless rake.
Also . . . my new boss.
One night of mistakes and he’s running to my rescue like the prince on a white horse.
But a liar is no damsel.
There’s no escaping Rosehill’s bad boy when fate keeps pushing you together.
But if the souls of the foul are doomed, why does every night feel like heaven?

What do you do when a pretty little thing walks through the doors of your exclusive nightclub?
You take a front row seat to the show.
Ivy Thanos. Brilliant dancer. Dangerous vixen. Dark enigma.
Breaking all my rules, she’s my personal hell. I would rather burn than let her go.
How do you fight for love when the whole world is against you and everything you know turns out to be a lie?

Bad Boys Bring Heaven is the first book in the Masquerade series and has been previously published under the title Masquerade. This is a full-length novel and can be read as a standalone.
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